Videos: Peel, chop and grate

Teachers' Guide

This is the main guide for Cooking and Food Skills for children aged 8-11 years.

Key Fact 1

Around the world people use a range of different ingredients, equipment and cooking techniques to prepare food.

Key Fact 2

When planning to cook we need to consider current healthy eating advice, the needs of different people and occasions.

Key Fact 3

When planning to cook, we need to select the most suitable ingredients, equipment and food skills for successful results.

Key Fact 4

There is a range of additional food skills which enable us to cook.

Key Fact 5

Buying, storing, preparing and cooking food safely and hygienically are vital for health.

Videos: Peel, chop and grate

See how to prepare fruit and vegetables safely.

Cool creations

Non-cook recipes for the primary school classroom.

Videos: Cool creations

See how to make some recipes that do not need any cooking!

Hot and happening

Recipes that involve the use of the grill or hob.

Videos: Hot and happening

See how to cook delicious hot meals.

Brilliant baking

Baking recipes for the primary classroom.

Videos: Brilliant baking

See how to bake a range of recipes.

Sensory work with food

Explore the senses.

FFL Podcast

The FFL podcast has been produced to provide teachers with news and information about food education in primary schools.

Onion Preparation

Onion preparation

First, carefully cut off the pointed end of the onion on the chopping board. Then, stand the onion on its flat end.

Making a bridge with your fingers and thumb, cut the onion in half.

Now, peel away the dry, papery skin and any fine, transparent membrane.

To slice the onion, sit one half on its flat side. Make your fingers into a claw and draw the knife across the onion – using your fingers as a guide.

To slice another way, push the fork into half the onion near its root. Holding the fork with one hand, draw the knife across the onion to make slices.

To dice the onion, make a bridge using your fingers and thumb and use the point of the knife to make cuts from just above the root all the way to the top. Then make your fingers into a claw and draw the knife across the onion. This makes small, even-sized pieces.

The Bridge Hold

In this demonstration you will see a tomato being cut using a technique called ‘the bridge hold’. It is a good way of cutting round foods like tomatoes and apples.

The Claw Grip

In this demonstration you will see celery being sliced, using a technique call ‘the claw grip’. This is a good way to hold food safely while you cut it.


In this demonstration you will see carrot being grated safely. Graters are sharp, so it is important to be careful when you use them.


In this demonstration you will see a carrot and potato being peeled. These types of foods are peeled using a vegetable peeler.

Onion Preparation

In this demonstration you will see an onion being prepared safely.