Videos: Cool creations

Teachers' Guide

This is the main guide for Food and farming for children aged 8-11 years.

Key Fact 1

Food is produced all around the world.

Key Fact 2

Food is processed on different levels to make it edible and safe.

Farm to fork challenge (8-11 years)

Do you know what happens to your food from the farm to your fork?

Cool creations

Non-cook recipes for the primary school classroom.

Videos: Cool creations

See how to make some recipes that do not need any cooking.

Hot and happening

Recipes that involve the use of the grill or hob.

Videos: Hot and happening

See how to cook delicious hot meals.

Brilliant baking

Baking recipe for the primary classroom.

Videos: Brilliant baking

See how to bake a range of recipes.

Where do my meals come from? (8-11 years)

Do you know where the food from your meals comes from?

Videos: Farming

See how crops and animals are farmed in the UK.

Mackerel Dip

Mackerel Dip

First, get the equipment ready.

Next, get the ingredients. 

Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice.

Tip the mackerel in sauce into the bowl, and then add the cream cheese.

Pour in the lime juice.

Snip the chives into the bowl, using scissors, and add a few twists of black pepper.

Finally, blend everything together to form a smooth dip, and transfer it to a serving dish.


In this demonstration you will see two fruit and vegetable juices being made. You can use lots of different types of fruit and vegetables.

Plum-berry layered dessert

In this demonstration you will see a yogurt dessert being made. You can use different types of fruit and yogurt.

Mackerel Dip

In this demonstration you will see a dip from mackerel being made. Mackerel is a type of oily fish.

Crunchy Winter salad

In this demonstration you will see a winter salad being made. This salad uses fruits and vegetables which are available in the winter months.