The farm visit

The colourful present

Alisha helps Ronnie put together a colourful fruit and vegetable basket for his Grandma’s birthday.

The bucket garden

Mrs Begum’s class learn about where potatoes come from and create their own bucket garden.

The farm visit

Mr Valdez takes the class on a dairy farm visit. They meet Mrs Jenkins, the farmer, and learn about how milk is produced.

Yr anrheg liwgar

Mae Alisha yn helpu Ronnie i baratoi basged liwgar gyda ffrwythau a llysiau ar gyfer pen-blwydd ei fam-gu.

Yr ardd fwced

Mae dosbarth Mrs Begum yn dysgu am datws ac o ble maent yn dod drwy dyfu eu planhigyn tatws eu hunain mewn bwced.

Yr ymweliad â’r fferm

Mae Mr Valdez yn mynd â’r dosbarth i ymweld â fferm laeth. Maent yn cyfarfod â Mrs Jenkins, y ffermwraig, ac yn dysgu sut caiff llaeth ei gynhyrchu.

An turas gu tuathanas

Tha Mgr Valdez a’ toirt a’ chlas gu turas air tuathanas bainne. Coinnichidh iad ris a’ Bh-ph Jenkins, an tuathanach, agus ionnsaichidh iad mu mar a gheibhear bainne.
Farm visit

The farm visit

In this story Mr Valdez takes the class on a dairy farm visit. They meet Mrs Jenkins, the farmer, and learn about how milk is produced. This story is available in Gaelic (Scottish) and Welsh.

Ages: 7-8 years


Quick curriculum links

  • England (KS1): English, Mathematics, Design and technology
  • Northern Ireland (KS1): Language and literacy, Mathematics and numeracy, The world around us, Personal development and mutual understanding
  • Scotland (First): Literacy and English, Numeracy and mathematics, Social sciences, Health and wellbeing, Technologies
  • Wales (KS2): English, Mathematics, Personal and social education, Design and technology

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Teachers' Guide (updated February 2014)

The story

The story is provided as a PowerPoint presentation (see file below) and as a video.

Watch the story on YouTube:

Resources to support

To support different aspects of the story, a range of cross curricular resources have been developed. These are in addition to the PowerPoint presentation and the video of the story. The resources can be used as stand-alone materials, or combined together to support a longer unit of work.  The choice is yours.

You may wish to download all the materials and upload them to your school VLE.

All the resources below have been provided in a format which you amend, allowing you the flexibility to change the worksheets to better suit the needs of the children you teach.


Dairy farm work book

A new 8-page booklet for children to use to explore different aspects of a dairy farm. Use with the story or on a real farm visit!


Two posters have been created to support work looking at farming. These are:

  • A year on the dairy farm: an overview about what happens in different seasons on the farm.
  • From grass to glass - the journey of milk: an overview of the story of milk.

In addition, there is a Journey of milk frieze to download (comprising 6 A4 panels).


A new video looking at where food comes from. Primary school children visit a dairy farm to find out more. Click here to view.

Interactive activities

To support the story, there is an online interactive activity to engage children - The farm visit. In addition, there are a number of files below.