Key Fact 2

Teachers' Guide

This is the main guide for healthy eating for children aged 5-8 years.

Key Fact 1

Food is a basic requirement of life.

Key Fact 2

People choose different types of food.

Key Fact 3

We all need to eat a variety and balance of food to stay healthy, as depicted in the Eatwell Guide.

Bwyta’n Iach

Croeso i’r modiwl Bwyta’n Iach i blant rhwng 5 ac 8 oed.
Key Fact 2

Key Fact 2: People choose different types of food.

This section provides you with detailed teaching plans for Key Fact 2, including links to all the downloadable resources.

a) To be able to talk about foods they like and dislike, with reasons.

Talk to the class about their favourite foods and why they like them.

Ask the children about foods they do not like and ask for their reasons.  Encourage the use of new vocabulary and use of all the senses, i.e. sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

You may wish to use the I like that PowerPoint 101 to introduce this Key Fact. If used on an interactive whiteboard, you can record children’s answers.

Get the children to complete the Food and drinks I like Worksheet 102. Children can draw the foods, if appropriate.

Explain to the children that the food they like now might change as they get older, e.g. what foods do their parents/carers or grandparents like, is it different?

b) To understand that we eat different food depending on the time of day, occasion and lifestyle.

Talk to the children about what they eat at different times of the day, e.g. breakfast, snacks, lunch, evening meal. 

Get the children to record what they eat throughout the day by drawing the food and noting the times of day. Use the Meal Times Worksheet 103. You could use the I like that PowerPoint 101 to review this learning objective.

Explain that we need to eat regularly during the day. Ask the children whether they can remember why our bodies need food. We need food so our bodies can grow, be active and stay healthy.

Discuss what they eat on special occasions e.g. parties, weddings, Christmas, Eid, Hanukah.

  • Who prepares the special food?
  • How and where is it eaten?
  • What special occasions can they name?

You may wish to bring in some samples of food eaten at special times for the children to taste or involve parents/carers.


Ask some children to talk about their favourite foods.

Get children to give examples of words that describe foods, e.g. crunchy, soft, sweet.

Discuss the foods that can be eaten for special occasions. What can they remember?

Further activities

Children could collage or paint different meals which could then be used for display.

Organise a cooking session.  Children could make some fruit kebabspitta pockets or samosas for a party.

Create a display for a special occasion. You could prepare some simple dishes with the children or organise a tasting session.

Downloadable resources