The bread stories

The seaside adventure

Alisha, Jordan, Nicola and Ronnie visit the seaside and learn about different types of fish and how they are caught.

The bread stories

The four children explore breads from different countries and make their own bread in different shapes.

The amazing lunchbox

Mrs Flynn and her class explore healthy lunchboxes.

The exciting guests

The four children welcome students from China to their school and explore cheese-making and Chinese cuisine.

Y storïau am fara

Mae’r Ymchwilwyr bwyd yn dysgu am fara o wahanol wledydd ac yn gwneud eu rholiau bara eu hunain ar ffurf siapiau gwahanol.

Y bocs bwyd anhygoel

Mae’r Ymchwilwyr bwyd yn dysgu am focsys bwyd iach.

Y gwesteion cyffrous

Croesawodd yr Ymchwilwyr bwyd ddisgyblion o Tsieina i’w hysgol ac fe wnaethant archwilio dulliau coginio Tsieineaidd a gwneud caws.

Antur ar lan y môr

Mae Alisha, Jordan, Nicola a Ronnie yn mynd i lan y môr ac yn dysgu am y gwahanol fathau o bysgod a sut y maen nhw’n cael eu dal.
Bread stories

The bread stories

In this story the Food investigators learn about breads from different countries and make their own different shaped bread rolls.

Ages: 8-9 years


Quick curriculum links

  • England (KS2): English, Mathematics, PSHE, Geography, Design and technology
  • Northern Ireland KS2): Language and literacy, Mathematics and numeracy, Personal development and mutual understanding, The world around us
  • Scotland (Second): Literacy and English, Numeracy and mathematics, Health and wellbeing, Social studies, Religious and moral education, Technologies, Sciences
  • Wales (KS2): English, Mathematics, Personal and social education, Design and technology, Geography, Science

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Teachers' guide (updated February 2014)

The story

The story is provided as a PowerPoint presentation (see file below) and as a video.

Watch the story on YouTube: 

Resources to support

To support different aspects of the story, a range of cross curricular resources have been developed. These are in addition to the PowerPoint presentation and the video of the story. The resources can be used as stand-alone materials, or combined together to support a longer unit of work.  The choice is yours.

You may wish to download all the materials and upload them to your school VLE.

All the resources below have been provided in a format which you amend, allowing you the flexibility to change the worksheets to better suit the needs of the children you teach. 


NEW for 2014

Interactive activities

To support the story, there is an online interactive activity to engage children - The bread stories. In addition, there are a number of files below.