Leaders' Guide

Leaders' Guide

Guidance on setting up and running the 12 food-based sessions.

Session 1

Super smoothie

Session 2

Tasty toast

Session 3

Delicious dips and dippers

Session 4

Scrummy scones

Session 5

Perfect plant salad

Session 6

Picturesque pizza

Session 7

Fabulous fruit salad

Session 8

Great green soup

Session 9

Pleasing pasta

Session 10

Brilliant bread

Session 11

Fantastic fish

Session 12

Splendid sandwich

This guide and the12 downloadable pre-school sessions on the Food - a fact of life website have been developed to help young children learn about healthy eating and cooking. The sessions are designed to be practical and enjoyable, and teach children important food related messages and skills.

Who are the sessions for?
This leaders’ guide and the 12 downloadable sessions are for practitioners working with children aged between 3-5 years. Practitioners may include nursery leaders, Foundation Stage/Phase, Early years or Pre-school teachers, child minders and parents/carers.

What’s in this leaders’ guide?
Information on the following areas is available in this guide:
• Setting up a cooking session
• Sample permission letter
• Tempting children to taste food
• Producing a food policy
• Sample food policy
• Healthy eating for age 0-5 years
• Engaging and supporting parents/carers
• UK curriculum links
• Sources of further information

All the information in this guide has been presented as bulleted lists. This is to try and make the information as clear and easy to use as possible.

The 12 sessions
These are designed for practitioners to use with children. Each session is based around a different dish for a meal occasion, e.g. Super smoothie, Brilliant bread. In each session the children will develop knowledge and skills based around that dish. The 12 sessions can be taught in a block over two weeks or individually over a period of time. However the sessions are delivered, it is recommended that they are taught in order, as they have been planned to build skills progressively.

What’s in a session?
Each session comprises of sheets which contain the following:
• Session overview - a short paragraph giving the practitioner an overview of the session and a table showing the key healthy eating messages and cooking skills which will be taught in the session.
• Listen and respond – guidance on how to introduce the session and deliver the key messages.
• Have a go – outlines a practical activity for a small group of children. This is related to the Listen and respond input.
• Consolidate – suggests a follow up activity to reinforce what the children have been learning. This might be a cards activity from the pack or an activity suggestion.
• At home – refers to a task to be sent home with the children.
• Pre 3 – suggests activities for under 3s.


For more information on the sources used in this text, please contact postbox@nutrition.org.uk