Activity 1

Activity 1

What foods do you like?

Activity 2

What is the eatwell plate?

Activity 3

Do you need to eat lots, some, or a little of these foods?

Activity 4

How many fruit and vegetables do you need?

Activity 4 EXTENSION

What makes a meal?

The aim of this session is for children to: 
- be able to name and express opinions about different foods;
- know that different people like different foods.

You will need:
- Food images - cut out, laminated (optional)
- My food book PowerPoint
- Cut and stick food images
- Scissors
- Glue
- Colouring pencils

Listen and respond
Talk about eating and drinking.  Question the children. 
- What have you had to eat today? 
- What have you had to drink? 
- What else do you think you might eat and drink today?
- What foods and drinks do you like?
- What foods and drinks do you dislike?
- Do we all like the same foods and drinks?
- What do your family and friends like to eat and drink?

Have a go
Show the children the Food images one at a time.  Ask the children to respond with a thumbs up for I like it, thumb sideways for it's ok and thumbs down for I do not like it.  Ask some of the children to explain their reasons.  Focus more heavily on why children enjoy different foods, rather than their dislikes.  Reinforce that different people like different foods and drinks.  Ask the children to talk about some of the foods and drinks their friends and families like.  You may wish to have examples of food for children to handle. 

Provide the children with copies of the My food book, or just the second page entitled ‘I like these foods',  and copies of the Cut and stick food images sheets.  Ask the children to select three foods they each like from the images and cut and stick these on to the page. Alternatively, you could provide the children with a selection of magazines which contain different foods and they could cut and stick these on to the page or on a large sheet of paper to create a display.

Provide children with the , ‘My_______ likes___________', page from the My food book. Get them to choose two family members or friends and draw, or cut and stick images on this page to show the types of foods their two chosen people like.  You can write the name and food in the spaces provided.  Reinforce that different people often like to eat different foods. 

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