Activity 2

Activity 1

What foods do you like?

Activity 2

What is the eatwell plate?

Activity 3

Do you need to eat lots, some, or a little of these foods?

Activity 4

How many fruit and vegetables do you need?

Activity 4 EXTENSION

What makes a meal?

The aim of this session is for children to:
- start to recognise The eatwell plate and which foods belong to each group; 
- understand we need different foods and drinks to be healthy.

You will need:
- The eatwell plate guide

- The eatwell plate poster
- Food images - cut out, laminated (optional)
- The eatwell game - laminated (optional)
- The eatwell game food cards - cut out, laminated (optional)
- Board or wall
- Tac
- Colouring pencils

Listen and respond
Read The eatwell plate guide before the session.  The guide provides information about The eatwell plate.

Display The eatwell plate poster.  Question the children:
- What can you see? (A plate with a knife and fork, different coloured groups...)
- What foods can you see on this plate?

Explain this plate is called The eatwell plate because it shows us what we need to ‘eat' to be ‘well' and stay healthy.   Question the children to help them engage with The eatwell plate:
- Which are the two biggest groups on the plate?
- Which foods can you see in these groups?
- Which is the smallest group?
- Which foods can you see in this group?
- Which are the middle sized groups?
- What foods can you see in these groups?
- Where is the: egg; tomato; bread; fish; cake; milk?
Summarise that The eatwell plate shows us what we need to eat to be healthy.  It helps us to remember that we need different foods and drinks to be healthy. 

Have a go
Get the children to help you sort the Food images into the correct food groups by tacking or placing them around The eatwell plate poster. 

Play The eatwell game with the children in groups of four.  Each child will need a board and they will need one set of The eatwell game food cards, cut out, to share.  Shuffle the cards and place them face down in the middle of the table.  Get the children to take turns to take a card.  If they are able to place it on their boards, they can keep it.  If not, it must be returned to the bottom of the pile.  The first child to fill their board wins the game and can help a friend until all the boards are filled.

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