Activity 3

Activity 1

What foods do you like?

Activity 2

What is the eatwell plate?

Activity 3

Do you need to eat lots, some, or a little of these foods?

Activity 4

How many fruit and vegetables do you need?

Activity 4 EXTENSION

What makes a meal?

The aim of this session is for children to:
- continue to become familiar with The eatwell plate and its food groups; 
- use the words lots, some and a little to describe the amount of food that should be eaten from each food group, to stay healthy.

You will need:
- Let's eat well and stay healthy! PowerPoint

- The eatwell plate jigsaws - cut out, laminated (optional)
- Tac
- A board or wall
- A bag
Listen and respond
Read the Let's eat well and stay healthy! PowerPoint to the children.  This could be shown as a PowerPoint presentation, or printed, stapled and used as a book, or laminated and displayed.  Ask the questions in the PowerPoint presentation and discuss the foods with the children, e.g. Have you tried these foods? What colour are the foods?  How many orange coloured foods can you name?

Have a go
Show the children one of The eatwell plate jigsaws, e.g. Fruit and vegetable group. Hand out the pieces to 4 different children.  Ask them to come to the front one at a time and tac their piece on the board or wall so it fits correctly with the other pieces.  Ask the following question:
- What foods belong to this group?  What can you see?
- Is this a big, medium or small food group?
- Should we eat lots, some or a little of the foods from this group?
- What is your favourite food in this group?
- Have you eaten any of these foods today?

Idea 1 - Work with the children in groups of 4.  Using one jigsaw at a time, give each child one piece and then ask them to help put the jigsaw together.  As each jigsaw is completed, repeat the questions from the Have a go section.  
Idea 2 - Remove the Foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar group (purple).  Turn all the other jigsaw pieces face down.  Allocate each child a food group.  Let the children take turns choosing a jigsaw piece to try and find those which belong to their food group.  If the piece they turn does not belong to their group, they must put it back face down and let the next child take their turn.  The aim is for the children to find all their pieces and put their jigsaw together.  Look at all the completed jigsaws and reinforce the idea that we need to eat different foods from these 4 main groups to be healthy.  Can they see any foods that they have already eaten, or will, eat later today?  Put together the Foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar group jigsaw and talk about the foods in this group.  Explain that we might like to eat these foods sometimes and that's OK, but we should only eat small amounts and not everyday.
Idea 3 - Put all the jigsaw pieces into a bag and ask the children to take a piece.  Let them move about and find other children with pieces of the same food group.  When they do, they can put all their pieces together to complete the food group.  This activity can be completed as a race, or used to get children into groups of 4.  You may need to remove some of the jigsaws depending on how many children there are in your group. 

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