Activity 4

Activity 1

What foods do you like?

Activity 2

What is the eatwell plate?

Activity 3

Do you need to eat lots, some, or a little of these foods?

Activity 4

How many fruit and vegetables do you need?

Activity 4 EXTENSION

What makes a meal?

The aim of this session is for children to:
- know that it is important to eat lots of fruit and vegetables everyday to stay healthy (at least 5 A DAY);
- name different fruit and vegetables.

You will need:
- Fruit and vegetable images - cut out, laminated (optional)
- Fruit and vegetable bingo boards - cut out, laminated (optional)
- 16 x counters
- 5  x firm fruit or vegetables
- A bag

Listen and respond
Show the children the Fruit and vegetable images and ask them to name each.   Explain that we all need to eat lots of different fruit and vegetables everyday to be healthy.  We should eat at least 5 different types everyday.  Talk about the fruit and vegetables that could be eaten during a day, e.g. fruit juice with breakfast, a tangerine mid-morning, cucumber sticks and an apple with lunch, a corn-on-the-cob with an evening meal.  Repeat this, asking children what fruit and vegetables they could eat with breakfast, lunch, an evening meal or for a snack. Display the Fruit and vegetable images to help remind the children about some of the different fruit and vegetables that can be eaten.  You could make daily reference to these, and ask the children if they have eaten any of the fruit and vegetables in the images, at home.

Have a go
Without the children seeing, place a fruit or vegetable into a bag.  Pass the bag to the children and get them to feel the fruit or vegetable, and describe what it feels like.  Let 3 or 4 children have a go before you reveal what it is.  Repeat this with the other fruit and vegetables, putting each in the bag one at a time.  Let different children have a go with each fruit or vegetable.  (Ensure that you use fruit and vegetables which will withstand being well handled.)

With 4 children at a time, play Fruit and vegetable bingo.  Each child will need a Fruit and vegetable bingo board.  Call out different fruit and vegetables from the Fruit and vegetable images and if any of the children have the fruit or vegetable called, they can cover it with a counter.  As each child completes a board, they can help a friend.

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