Activity 6

Activity 5

What does it taste like?

Activity 6

How do you get ready to cook?

Activity 7

What does this piece of kitchen equipment do?

Activity 8

What skills do I need to make this recipe?

The aim of this session is for children to:
- know how to get ready to cook;
- know it is important to get ready to cook so the food we prepare is safe to eat.

You will need:
- Getting ready to cook! PowerPoint
- Get ready to cook! game - cut out the arrow, and pierce the centre of the circular end with a split pin, then push the split pin through the small black circle in the middle of the board. 
- Get ready to cook ticklist - you could laminate copies of this and the children could use wipeable pens. 
- Getting ready to cook display cards - cut out and display (laminating optional).

Listen and respond
Ask the children what they think they would need to do before they cooked.
Read the Getting ready to cook! PowerPoint to the children.  This can be shown as a PowerPoint presentation, printed, stapled and used as a book, or laminated and displayed. Question the children, using the questions in the book.  Explain that we need to do these things to make sure we are ready to cook, and that the food we prepare is safe to eat. 

Have a go
Ask for a volunteer to show everyone how to get ready to cook.  You may agree this with a child in advance; they could put on a long sleeve top, some bangles or a watch and leave long hair down to make the demonstration more effective.  Ask the other children what this child must do to be ready to cook.  Can they remember what was in the Getting ready to cook! PowerPoint?  Get the child to do one thing at a time and talk about why it needs to be done before we start cooking.  We need to:
- Remove any jewellery- so it does not fall into the food.
- Tie back long hair - so it does not fall into the food and you do not need to touch it while you are cooking, e.g. if it fell in your eyes.
- Roll up long sleeves - so they do not dangle in the food and to keep them clean.
- Put on an apron - to keep fluff and bits of clothing out of the food, as well as to protect clothes from food.
- Wash and dry hands carefully - to make sure they are clean to keep the food safe to eat.
You could display the Getting ready to cook display cards to help the children remember what they need to do before they cook.

Play the Get ready to cook! game with 4-6 children.  Each child will need a copy of the Get ready to cook ticklist.  The aim is for the children to help Alisha or Ronnie get ready to cook by collecting all the getting ready to cook stages.  The children should take it in turns to spin the arrow.  If it lands on a getting ready to cook stage, e.g. washing hands, they can tick/colour this on their tick sheet.  The first person to tick off all the stages, wins.

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