Activity 8

Activity 5

What does it taste like?

Activity 6

How do you get ready to cook?

Activity 7

What does this piece of kitchen equipment do?

Activity 8

What skills do I need to make this recipe?

The aim of this session is for children to:
- help make a simple dish using basic food skills;
- expand their vocabulary by naming the actions used to prepare the recipe, e.g. mash, stir, pour;
- talk about how ingredients change shape when they are prepared;
- expand their vocabulary by naming a range of kitchen equipment (consolidating learning from Activity 7);
- explain what the equipment does (consolidating learning from Activity 7).


You will need:
- Setting up a cooking session guide
- Getting ready to cook display cards
- A recipe and corresponding PowerPoint - available from the Recipes area for children aged 3-5 years.
- Equipment and ingredients listed on the recipe.

Listen and respond
Before the session you will need to organise your cooking area.  Refer to the Setting up a cooking session guide to help.  You will also need to gather and organise the ingredients and equipment needed to make the dish.  Each recipe states how may it will serve or make.  You will need to multiply the ingredients depending on the number of children who will be making the recipe. 

Explain to the children what they will be cooking.  Question them to see if they can remember what they need to do before they get ready to cook.  You could use or display the Getting ready to cook cards (from Activity 6) to remind the children.  Show the Powerpoint presentation which corresponds with the recipe the children will be making.  You could show this on a computer or interactive whiteboard.  Alternatively, print out the PowerPoint presentation, show or display each printed slide, and talk about how the recipe is being made.  Question the children:
- What food can you see?
- What equipment can you see?
- What is happening?
- How is the food changing?

Have a go
Work with the children in groups of four to prepare the recipe.  Get your self ready to cook and help the children get ready. Work with the children to make the dish.  Talk about working carefully, and  show them how to use the equipment safely.  Get the children to name the skills and equipment being used.  Talk about the effect the preparation is having on the ingredients by questioning the children as each ingredient is prepared, e.g. What am I doing to these raspberries? (Mashing them.) What am I mashing them with? What's happening to the raspberries?  What did they look like before?  What do they look like now?  The children should be aiming to name the equipment, explain what each piece does and any actions used in the recipe, e.g. pour, stir.  Question the children on how the ingredients change as they are prepared.  Ask them to tell you what the ingredient looked like before and after, and emphasise the changes. 

Let the children taste what they have made.  Discuss how it looks, smells and tastes.  The children could fill in the ‘I have tried these foods' sheet from the My food book PowerPoint (Activity 1) Repeat this cooking activity another time with a different recipe.


Additonal activity suggestion

When children have completed the Cooking module (Activities 5, 6, 7 and 8), allow them to practise what they have learnt by making and trying a variety of dishes.  Why not try:

Marvellous mackerel pate;

Bagel brushetta;

Splendid seaside salad;

Morrish muffins;

Simple spring rolls?

To see all our recipes especially designed for children aged 3-5 years, click here.


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