Activity 12

Activity 9

Where does food come from?

Activity 10

Does this food come from a plant or an animal?

Activity 11

How does food grow?

Activity 12

What foods are in season?

The aim of this session is for children to:
- understand that different fruit and vegetables are ready to eat at different times of the year (in different seasons);
- choose fruit and vegetables for a recipe.

You will need:
- Season cards
- Sensational seasonal salad recipe
- Ingredients and equipment from the Sensational seasonal salad recipe.

Listen and respond
Use the questions below to see if the children know the name of the current season and what the other seasons are called:
- What time of year is it now?
- What time of year is it when leaves turn orange and start to fall off the trees? (Autumn.)
- What time of year is it when all the leaves have fallen off the trees, and it's colder ? (Winter.)
- What time of year is it when it is warmer and some people start to wear t-shirts? (Summer.)
- What time of year is it when it can be quite cool, but new flowers like snowdrops are starting to appear? (Spring.)
Explain that there are four different times in a year and these different times are called the seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Show the Season cards one at a time and read the name of the season.  Talk about the months that are included in this season and who amongst the children has a birthday in those months.  Ask the children what foods they can see and explain that this is the seasons when these fruits and vegetables have finished growing and are ready to eat (in the UK).  Go through each season again in turn, and ask the children which is their favourite Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter food on the card. 

Have a go
Before this activity you will need to organise your cooking area.  Refer to the Setting up a cooking session guide (Activity 8) to help.  You will also need to gather and organise the ingredients and equipment needed.

Work with the children in groups of four.  Re-cap on what has to be done before you cook (see Activity 6 and 8).  Explain to the children that they will be making a Sensational seasonal salad (see Sensational seasonal salad recipe).  Explain that you have fruit and vegetables from the current season (name the season) and that they will be using them to make their salad.  Talk through the foods and show the children how to assemble their salad.  Let the children make their own salads, selecting the ingredients they wish to add.

Listen to songs or read stories about the seasons.

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