Food hygiene

Food hygiene

Resources to support food hygiene in the practical room and curriculum

Health and safety

Resources to support health and safety in the practical room and curriculum

Food hygiene

Below you will find a number of resources to help imlement good food hygiene in the practical room and also support this topic in the curriculum.  

The resources are suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 - please use your professional judgement and knowledge of your students to choose the most appropriate resources.


Food hygiene in the practical room

Food hygiene in the curriculum


Food route – a journey through food

To help children and young people engage with the Core Competences, a series of focus groups and workshops were arranged throughout the UK. The original competences were rephrased in an age-appropriate way, and tested to ensure that young people understand what they meant and how they could achieve the different competences. The focus group sessions helped to gather feedback from young people about the language used, as well as the design. 

What resources are available?
To engage young people aged ‘By 14 years’ and ‘By 16+ years’ with the Core Competences, a series of competence journals have been created. These act as journals of evidence, showing how young people engage with the competences in a meaningful way. 

Further information and resources for pupils aged 7-9 and 11-12 can be found here.


CommNet is an EU project that communicates food, fisheries, agriculture and biotechnology research to young people.

To support this the CommNet FAB Toolkit has been created.  Careful consideration has been placed on the learning needs of children and young people, as well as the concepts introduced. Educators are free to select the resources most suitable to the learning needs of their children and young people, supporting those with special educational needs.

The toolkit is divided into four phases:

Food hygiene resources: