Recipe work

Recipe work

Worksheets to help students use Explore Food to analyse recipes.

Diet work

Worksheets to help students use Explore Food to analyse diets.

To support students using Explore Food to analyse recipes we have created six worksheets. You can download and use:

  • Using Explore Food (a useful starting activity to nutritional analysis);
  • My recipe (help structure their recipe analysis);
  • Modifying a recipe (challenge students to modify a recipe for health);
  • Nutrition labels (help students create a new food label);
  • Investigating portion sizes (model the effect of portion size on nutrition);
  • High, medium or low? (compare a recipe to the traffic light system).


A further eight worksheets are available to help support students using the Explore Food label tool:

  • Create a label (instructions for creating labels for students' recipes);  
  • Comparing the label (compare the nutrition labels of different foods);
  • DRV's challenge (create a recipe and label and compare with DRV's); 
  • Food labelling worksheet (use Explore Food to complete the recipe information); 
  • Food labelling supplement sheet (use with Food labelling worksheet); 
  • Recipe modification (change a recipe to make it healthier);
  • Allergen labelling (identify the allergens in different recipes);
  • Label maths (calculate the RI's of different foods).