Lifestyle, culture and religion

Factors affecting food choice

Resources to support teaching and learning about the factors affecting food choice

Sensory evaluation

Resources to support teaching and learning about sensory evaluation

Lifestyle, culture and religion

Resources to support teaching and learning about lifestyle, culture and religion and their affect on food choice

Lifestyle, culture and religion

Below you will find a number of resources to support teaching and learning about how lifestyle, culture and religion affect a person's food choices.

When learning about religion and food choice, it is important not to assume an individual’s dietary practices just because they belong to a particular faith or religious group. Dietary practices between and within different groups can be quite diverse and it’s important to find out each individual’s dietary needs.

The resources are suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 - please use your professional judgement and knowledge of your students to choose the most appropriate resources.

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Kahoot Religion and food choices quiz




CommNet is an EU project that communicates food, fisheries, agriculture and biotechnology research to young people.

To support this the CommNet FAB Toolkit has been created.  Careful consideration has been placed on the learning needs of children and young people, as well as the concepts introduced. Educators are free to select the resources most suitable to the learning needs of their children and young people, supporting those with special educational needs.

The toolkit is divided into four phases:

Resources relating to Lifestyle, culture and religion: