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Main modules

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Food Life Skills certificate

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Each of the 13 modules follows a theme, which should be of interest to the lives of the young people you teach. By progressing through the modules, the pupils will develop essential cooking skills and learn basic techniques. In addition, they will learn about:

  • time management;
  • healthier eating;
  • budgeting;
  • food Safety and hygiene;
  • using basic recipes to create other dishes.

Within each module 3 recipes are prepared. Depending on the time you have available, you may wish to split the modules or simply concentrate on 1 recipe. The choice is yours.

 Each module follows a generic structure:

  • aims and objectives i.e. the relevant teaching and learning points;
  • setting the scene;
  • recipe overview;
  • shopping list;
  • plan of action;
  • food skills and techniques covered;
  • specific background information on healthier eating and drinking, food safety and hygiene, budgeting and recipe adaptation for use throughout (or after) the coooking session.

Each module offers an overview, setting the scene and providing top tips about the cooking experience.

The modules are based on 10 pupils working in pairs as each recipe serves two. Feel free to change the working arrangements to best suit your own circumstances.


The 13 modules are presented below as PowerPoint presentations.