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Recipe ideas.

Food Life Skills certificate

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Welcome to the recipe section.

The main modules suggest a total of 39 recipes to cook withyour pupils.

They have been selected to demonstrate key skills and different cooking techniques, e.g. vegetable preparation and stir-frying. In addition, the recipes aim to promote balance and variety.

Recipes may be laminated or collated into a recipe book. Each recipe is also provided as a PowerPoint presentation. 

If you have your own favourite recipes, feel free to use these.


Module 1 - Getting to grips

Module 2 - Indian Express

Module 3 - Lunchbox fun

Module 4 - Noodle time

Module 5 - Mama Mia

Module 6 - Take out Cook in

Module 7 - Back to basics

Module 8 - Simple but fun

Module 9 - Wakey wakey

Module 10 - A fishy tale

Module 11 - BBQ frenzy

Module 12 - Veg out

Module 13 - Impress!