Videos: The process of digestion

Discover the process of digestion.


Explore the needs and requirements for energy in the diet.


Explore the needs and requirements for nutrients in the diet.

Dietary fibre and water

Explore the needs for dietary fibre and water.


Explore the effect of alcohol in the diet.

Nutritional needs

Explore different nutritional needs.

The digestion process

Explore the digestion of food.

This section provides information to help teach about nutrients. Two PowerPoint presentations, at foundation level or extension level, provide an overview of the needs and requirements for nutrients in the diet. The presentations are supported by note sheets, which encourage students to take notes during lessons.

The vegetarians photomontage contains images of a variety of food products suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans. This has been collated to provoke class discussion. Students may wish to create their own photomontage, using this example as a guide. (BNF does not endorse the products highlighted.)


Why not also try our new online quizzes on Kahoot, a game-based learning platform, which correspond to each of the lectures. The link with instructions on how to play can be found at the end of each PowerPoint or on the links below. For further support using Kahoot, take a look at our kahoot user guide.


Kahoot Nutrients quiz

Kahoot Micronutrients quiz

Kahoot Macronutrients quiz

PowerPoint presentations:

Note sheets:

Fact sheets:



    CommNet is an EU project that communicates food, fisheries, agriculture and biotechnology research to young people.

    To support this the CommNet FAB Toolkit has been created.  Careful consideration has been placed on the learning needs of children and young people, as well as the concepts introduced. Educators are free to select the resources most suitable to the learning needs of their children and young people, supporting those with special educational needs.

    The toolkit is divided into four phases:

    Nutrients resources: