Diet through life

Explore the diet through life.

Health issues

Explore diet related health issues.


Explore diet and lifestyle.

Additional resources

Resources to support teaching and learning about diet and health

This section provides information to help teach about diet and lifestyle factors.

Additional topic areas will be added soon, including vegetarianism and food intolerance.

A number of PowerPoint presentations, at foundation and extension levels, will provide an overview of the different lifestyle factors. The presentations will be supported by note sheets, which encourage students to take notes during lessons.

Why not also try our new online quizzes on Kahoot, a game-based learning platform, which correspond to each of the lectures. The link with instructions on how to play can be found at the end of each PowerPoint or below. For further support using Kahoot, take a look at our kahoot user guide.


Kahoot Sports nutrition quiz

A presentation to explain the Out of Home Calorie Labelling scheme which was launched in September 2011.

PowerPoint presentations:

Note sheets:

Fact sheet:

Interactive whiteboard activities: