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Experiment sheets

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This section contains 12 experiment sheets (see below) for pupils at secondary school. Some of the sheets have been designed for use with younger or less able pupils. All sheets follow the same format so that pupils become familiar with their layout. Ideas for extension work are highlighted in a box.

Each card carries the relevant safety symbols, but teachers should check that pupils wash their hands before and after any of these experiments and wear safety goggles whilst carrying out the experiments. It is also recommended that pupils wear laboratory coats. Food that is used for experimental work should never be eaten. Teachers should be aware that some pupils may be allergic to peanuts and peanut products.

The Experiment Sheets are practical techniques (not 'experiments' in the literal sense) to help pupils investigate properties of raw and manufactured food. The sheets do not, by themselves, set hypotheses but they could be used as part of an investigation into foods, which is based on a hypothesis.

These resources were originally written to support Science lessons in school.  However, they are also relevant when investigating food as part of the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition in England and Wales.  Why not work with your Science department to help students experiment with food?