Dairy farming


Explore different aspects of farming.

Dairy farming

Explore dairy farming and the production and processing of dairy foods

Videos: Dairy farming

Explore different aspects of dairy farming.

Food and farming

Review food and farming in relation to the environment, food safety and traceability and business.

Additional resources

Resources to support teaching and learning about food provenance, food and farming

Ffermio llaeth

Archwilio ffermio llaeth a chynhyrchu a phrosesu bwydydd llaeth.

Understanding where our food comes from, and how it is produced, helps individuals make more informed choices about their diet. To support this aim, we have developed a set of case studies focusing on dairy farming, covering:

  • animal health and welfare;
  • the environment and sustainability;
  • diversity of farming systems;
  • the production of milk and other dairy products.

A range of exciting, interactive resources have been created to help you plan a series of successful lessons, exploring dairy farming and the production and processing of dairy foods, for students aged 11-16 years. The resources have been developed to be flexible to suit your teaching needs, feel free to ‘dip-in' and select those most relevant to your lessons. These resources support a wide range of curriculum areas, including science, food technology, home economics, geography, health and wellbeing, and personal, social and health education. The case study format provides students and teachers with up-to-date, accurate and consistent messages.

Teachers' guide

PowerPoint presentations

7 x updated PowerPoint presentations, which can modified to suit the needs of your students, including video links and interactive questions;


9 x new photocopiable worksheets, with a marking guide: these can be used by your students answering questions on the information presented in the PowerPoint presentations;

Data sheets

3 x photocopiable updated data sheets: these provide data on the nutritional composition of milk, yogurt and cheese;


New: Finding out about food video podcast, focusing on dairy farming - click here to view.

11 x videos of dairy farming are available to explore dairy farming in more detail - click here to view.


Two posters - A year on the dairy farm and From glass to grass - the journey of milk. Also available in Welsh.