What schools did last year

What schools did last year

Here are some of the things you have told us you did for BNF HEW 2016!

What workplaces did last year

Here are some of the things you have told us you did for BNF HEW 2016!

What schools did for BNF Healthy Eating Week 2016!

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Fantastic entrance display!

John Hellins school have made a great entrance display and planned lots of exciting activities, including: try it Tuesday - promoting trying new things; cooking and nutrition – using eggs from their chickens; looking at healthy breakfasts - making a tally of breakfasts.  They are also  welcoming guests, including a school nurse, in to school to run workshops! 

Cathryn Akrill, John Hellins Primary School, Northamptonshire

Renting a smoothie bike

We are hosting parent and student cooking workshops, having a Zumba session, having whole school assemblies and are renting a smoothie bike!

Alison Cavanagh, Marshfields Special Needs School, Peterborough

A new healthy tuck-shop starting

All classes will be focusing on Drinking plenty by keeping tallies of what we're drinking and homework activities to tie into this. We are having a new Healthy Tuck-shop starting for key stage 2, which the children decided on in their school council meetings. In PE we will be Getting Active. Year 2 will be doing The Bucket Garden activities to tie in with the Grow Your Own Project and their science topic for this term. 

Mrs D Ufton, Loxdale Primary School, Wolverhampton

Everyone will be given a bottle of water

We are starting the week with a whole school assembly (years 3 -11) to launch this year's challenges.  In the assembly everyone will be given a bottle of water and each class will have a bag of fruit.  During the week everyone will be cooking one of the recommended recipes.  

Gillian Dearman, New Horizons School, East Sussex

Each class will be doing something different

We will have children: choosing, cooking and tasting healthy meal options; making bread, smiley fruit salad faces and healthy break time snacks; designing healthy lunchboxes; using maths skills to look at nutritional values in food; tasting French foods; interviewing a nutritionist on Skype; having a smoothie demonstration and welcoming two visiting chefs. 

Mary-Claire Hardie, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Banbury

Indian cooking and generation workshop

We are embracing the 'Try something new' aspect and have invited a parent who has an Indian cooking school to visit and demonstrate healthy cooking ideas for staff. The other event is a generation workshop where students are going to be working with a family member or member of staff to take a family favourite meal and twist the dish to make it more healthy.  

Amy Malone, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Aylesbury

A healthy picnic with home-grown salad

For homework this week, parents will be set the challenge of eating something new with their child. Primary 6 and 7 are serving up healthy breakfasts. The lunch ladies are providing 5 A DAY fruit/veg cups for snack time.
We are having a Healthy Picnic which will include providing salad grown in classes in our Mini-allotment Challenge. Before our picnic we are having a mini zumbathon!

Sandra Irons, Drumpark Primary, North Lanarkshire

Lunchtime food activities

Our Headteacher has provided funding so we can run a number of lunch time activities. These will be making smoothies, some exotic fruit testing with a quiz (match the fruit with its description) and then also either some soups or sauces. We will also be advertising the events on the schools website to encourage parents to become involved with the five challenges.

Michaela Ryan, Wellington School, Cheshire

Galashields Academy have used the BNF Healthy Eating Week planner!

Pupils are making a healthy breakfasts, carrying out sensory analysis and adapting recipes to make them healthier by trying to include more fruit and vegetables   All pupils are encouraged to drink only water in school for one week and take part in Sports Day on Wednesday 15 June. The school canteen will be offering new and exciting snacks and meals during the week.

Emma Roden, Galashiels Academy, Galashields

Designing a dish to be made by the canteen

We are running the 5 A DAY challenge and asking the students to design a healthy fruit or vegetable based dish.  The winning design will be cooked by the canteen staff. 

Jason Retter, South Wolds Academy, Nottingham