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Public Health England (PHE) regularly reviews dietary recommendations as part of its role in promoting public health. In light of new evidence about our diet and health, particularly revised recommendations on sugars and fibre, a review of The eatwell plate was undertaken. As a result of the review, a new healthy eating guide for the UK has been developed – The Eatwell Guide.

  • The Eatwell Guide shows the proportions in which different groups of foods are needed in order to have a well-balanced and healthy diet.
  • The proportions shown are representative of food eaten over a day or more, not necessarily at each meal time.
  • Choose a variety of different foods from each food group to help get the wide range of nutrients the body needs to stay healthy.
  • The Eatwell Guide applies to most people regardless of weight, dietary restrictions/preferences or ethnic origin. It doesn’t apply to children under two years because they have different nutritional needs.
  • Children aged two to five years should gradually move to eating the same foods as the rest of their family, in the proportions shown on The Eatwell Guide.
  • Anyone with special dietary requirements or medical needs might want to check with a registered dietitian on how to adapt The Eatwell Guide to meet their individual needs.
  • The Eatwell Guide divides foods into groups, depending on their nutritional role and shows the proportions of each of the groups needed for a healthy, varied diet.

Below are some resources to help you introduce The Eatwell Guide in your school. These inlcude a presentation, a drink diary sheet, a menu planner and a 'blank' Eatwell Guide and food cards (for a sorting activity).

A higher quality copy of the Eatwell Guide (for printing) is availble to download in colour or black and white from Public Health England.