Videos: Farming

Teachers' Guide

This is the main guide for Food and farming for children aged 5-8 years.

Key Fact 1

All food comes from plants or animals.

Key Fact 2

Food has to be farmed, caught or grown at home.

Key Fact 3

Food is changed from farm to fork.

Cool creations

Non-cook recipes for the primary school classroom.

Videos: Cool creations

See how to make some recipes that do not need any cooking.

Hot and happening

Recipes that involve the use of the grill or hob.

Videos: Hot and happening

See how to cook delicious hot meals.

Brilliant baking

Baking recipe for the primary classroom.

Videos: Brilliant baking

See how to bake a range of recipes.

Plant or animal?

Do you know which food comes from a plant and which food comes from an animal?

Where do my meals come from? (5-8 years)

Do you know where the food in your meals comes from?

From farm to fork!

This board game is designed to help children understand where their food comes from.

Farm to fork challenge (5-8 years)

Do you know what happens to your food from the farm to your fork?

Videos: Farming

See how crops and animals are farmed in the UK.



Early every morning and late every afternoon the cows come in for milking.

They know when it’s milking time and they’re watching and waiting for the farmer to come and collect them.
When they reach the milking parlour, the cows take their places in the stalls.

The cows udders are wiped clean. The farmer then fits the four rubber cups of the milking machine onto the cows’ teats. The milking machine then starts to gently suck the milk from the cow.

The milk flows along a pipe to a jar where the amount of milk given is measured. All the milk then travels to the farm vat where it is cooled and kept here until the tanker from the dairy comes to collect it.

Everyday the tanker from the dairy visits the farm – it is like a huge cool box on wheels, keeping the milk cool on its way.

The milk from the farm is then transferred to tanker, ready for its journey to the dairy.

When the milk arrives at the dairy, it is heat treated and then cooled very quickly- this is to kill off harmful bacteria.

The milk is then packaged ready to be sold in shops, supermarkets or by a local milkman.


In this video you will learn about catching fish.

Processing fish

In this video you will see fish being processed.


In this video you will see a range of plants growing and being harvested. We eat different parts of different plants.

From wheat to bread

In this video you will see bread being made.

Plant or animal?

In this video you will see children looking at different types of food deciding which one is from a plant or an animal.

Where does it come from?

In this video you will see children investigating where their food comes from.

Fruit and vegetable harvesting

In this video you will see fruit and vegetables being harvested.


In this video you will see cows being milked.

Cheese making

In this video you will see cheese being made.

Growing potatoes

In this video you will see potatoes being grown.

Poulty farming 1 - the rearing farm

In this video you will see chickens being reared to lay eggs.

Poultry farming 2 - the breeding farm

In this video you will see pullets laying eggs which are carefully selected, stored and then transported.

Poultry farming 3 - the hatchery

In this video you will how chicks are hatched.

Poultry farming 4 - the broiler farm

In this video you will see how chicks are looked after and grown to produce chicken.