Videos: Dairy farming


Explore different aspects of farming.

Dairy farming

Explore dairy farming and the production and processing of dairy foods

Videos: Dairy farming

Explore different aspects of dairy farming.

Food and farming

Review food and farming in relation to the environment, food safety and traceability and business.

Additional resources

Resources to support teaching and learning about food provenance, food and farming

Ffermio llaeth

Archwilio ffermio llaeth a chynhyrchu a phrosesu bwydydd llaeth.

Cow stalls

The free stalls provide six inches of soft bedded sand for the cows to lie down on.

The stalls are cleaned and raked three times a day which is essential to the cow udder health.

Cow stalls

Diveristy of farming systems: What is the free stalls system?

Technology and farming

Diversity of farming systems: How has technology been used in dairy farming?

Farmer case study I

A case study of Nick Green, a dairy farmer.

Welfare of dairy cows

Animal health and welfare: Is the welfare of dairy cows a prioirty?

How are cows milked?

Diversity of farming systems: Three different ways of milking.

What is a slurry lagoon?

Environment and sustainability: Slurry lagoon.

Farmers and the environment

Environment and sustainability: How do dairy farmers protect the environment?

Diet of a dairy cow

Animal health and welfare: What is the diet of a dairy cow?

Where do cows live?

Diveristy of farming systems: Where do cows live?

A dairy famer's day

A typical day in the life of a dairy farmer.

Farmer case study II

A case study of a young dairy farmer, Andrew Rees.