Food - a fact of life PPD webinar programme

Throughout the year, Food - a fact of life will run a series of online webinars to enhance the personal and professional development of those working around food and nutrition with children and young people. Find out more here!

Scotland 2017

Presentations from the BNF 50th Anniversary Scottish Conference on 18 March 2017

ICT in food

ICT in food, cooking and nutrition.

FFL 21st Anniversary

To celebrate the British Nutrition Foundation’s 45th anniversary, its Education programme, Food – a fact of life, presents you its history and how it has evolved in this flyer, titled ‘Food – a fact of life: a journey down memory lane’.

During the year, the British Nutrition Foundation hosts a number of events/ conferences for teachers. Here you will be able to find out about forthcoming events/conferences, as well as access to the PowerPoint presentations from past events/conferences.