Food provenance and farming


Explore different aspects of farming.

Dairy farming

Explore dairy farming and the production and processing of dairy foods

Videos: Dairy farming

Explore different aspects of dairy farming.

Food and farming

Review food and farming in relation to the environment, food safety and traceability and business.

Additional resources

Resources to support teaching and learning about food provenance, food and farming

Ffermio llaeth

Archwilio ffermio llaeth a chynhyrchu a phrosesu bwydydd llaeth.

Welcome to the Food provenance and farming area for students aged 11-16 years.

This module supports secondary school students learning about:


An exciting collection of videos have also been developed exploring:


The following resources are also available in Welsh/Mae'r adnoddau canlynol ar gael yn Gymraeg hefyd:

Dairy farming/Ffermio llaeth