General resources

Board games

Download the From farm to fork! and Food route board games.


PDF posters for use in the classroom.

Food cards

Sets of BNF Food Cards for pupils aged 5 to 16 years.

Are you drinking plenty?

Poster and teachers' guide.

Multi-purpose teaching resource

Supported with activity instructions and question cards.


mywellbeing teachers' guide

Exam specification grids

Links to resources which support GCSE D&T: food/Home Economics and National 4 and 5 Healthy and Food Technology in Scotland.

Love your lunch

Love your lunch - ideas and resources to support work around school lunch.

Worksheets (Primary and SEN)

Worksheets for use in school.


Resources using the computer.


More resources for the computer.

How to ...

How To explain how to perform a variety of specific tasks and tests.

Energy and nutrients case studies

Case studies on different aspects of energy and nutrients.

Experiment sheets

Ideas for experiments in the classroom.

Product analysis

Worksheets to help with product analysis.

Sensory evaluation

How to conduct different sensory evaluation tests.

Smart foods

Find out about smart foods.

What can you see?

A poster and teachers' activity notes.

Conditions of use

Copyright and conditions of use.

This section provides a vast array of resources to support teachers and pupils in schools learning about food and nutrition. 

Board games - From farm to fork and Food route board games


Worksheets - worksheets looking at food around the world, hygiene and safety, the human body, growing and harvesting, cooking processes and equipment, shopping and growth/change;


Food cards - sets of food cards that can be printed and laminated;


Posters - PDF posters for the classroom;


ICT resources - word and excel templates for recipes, flowcharts, weight and percentage calculations and budgeting;


CAD and CAM resources - a guide to implemeting CAD and CAM resources in your classroom;


How to.. - instructions for performing a variety of tasks;


Energy and nutrients - case studies for secondary school pupils on different aspects of energy and nutrients;


Experiment sheets - ideas for experiments in the classroom; 


Product analysis - worksheets to assist product analysis;


Sensory evaluation - how to conduct sensory evaluation tests;


Smart foods - explore smart foods in the classroom;


Are you drinking plenty? - a poster and guide to chart how much pupils are drinking;


What can you see? - a poster and guide with ideas for how to use the resource;


Multi-purpose teaching resource - a guide and 3 ideas of ways to use the resource;


mywellbeing - a teachers guide for the online diet and physical activity analysis tool.