Cook club

Primary school recipes

Recipes for the primary classroom.

Secondary school recipes

Recipes for the secondary classroom.


Photos of actions used in cooking.


Photos of kitchen equipment.

How to...

Information sheets for basic skills.


Photos of ingredients.

Words and numbers

Useful templates.


Permission letter.

These recipes can be used during lessons or after school in a cookery club. The recipes have been differentiated for primary and secondary schools. However, please feel free to use the recipes which best suit your own experiences, school facilities, equipment available and pupil ability. Enjoy!

Each recipe is uniquely provided in different formats:

* web-based, showing each stage, along with the facility to view the images in a large format;
* as a recipe card (one-side A4 pdf file);
* as a series of A5 colour cards (pdf file), showing each stage;
* as a series of A5 cards (pdf file), highlighting skills and techniques.


Last reviewed: 31/03/2009

Next review date: 01/03/2012